Pekka Vayrynen has put together a workshop on Value Concepts at the University of Leeds on 5-6 March. The programme looks great:

Matti Eklund (Cornell)
    “Misevaluation, Moral Semantics, and Moral Realism”
Janice Dowell (Nebraska)
    “A Flexible, Contextualist Account of ‘Ought’”
Antti Kauppinen (Amsterdam)
    “A Defence of Moral Invariantism”
Simon Kirchin (Kent)
    “Determinables, Determinates, and Thick Concepts”
Daniel Elstein (Leeds)
    “Why There Can Be No Good Reason to Accept the Shapelessness Hypothesis”
Debbie Roberts (Reading)
    “Evaluation and Variability: Why Thick Concepts Are Not Determinates of
    the Thin”

The workshop is free (to register, just send an email to More information at:

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  1. Thanks for letting me know Clayton. Don’t know what went wrong there. Sorry about this anyway – the link is fixed now.

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