All professional philosophers are invited to participate in a survey on
publishing in philosophy.  It should take about 10 minutes.  It will be useful
to have your CV handy as you fill it out.  Please go here to find it:

If all goes well, Sally Haslanger will report on the results at the
December APA in the symposium on philosophy publishing (Wednesday December 30th,

One Reply to “Survey on Publishing In Philosophy”

  1. So…thanks to all who have responded to the survey! It has been brought to my attention that the initial question on the survey wasn’t capturing everyone we want. It suggested you needed to have a PhD in philosophy and a teaching job. But we want Emeritus/Emerita, people who hold research positions, and others who don’t have a PhD (but only have a rough equivalent). So the first question has been altered. If you were rejected the first time you tried, please try again, and if you can’t get on with the computer you used before, try another computer. Sorry for our confusion!

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