University of Sydney, Aug 6-7
Organizer: Richard Joyce (…


David Copp (UC Davis)
Justin D'Arms (Ohio State)
Janice Dowell (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Jamie Dreier (Brown)
Josh Gert (Florida State)
Daniel Jacobson (University of Michigan)
Don Loeb (Vermont)
David Sobel (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Kim Sterelny (ANU)

Further info, including venue, will be announced in due course. There is no formal registration, but if you think you might come along, please send Richard Joyce an email so that we get a sense of numbers.

2 Replies to “Evolution, Emotion, and Metaethics Workshop

  1. Will these talks be recorded and made available online? This would be great.
    If not, why not?

  2. Richard Joyce tells me that David Copp will not be able to make the conference.

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