We are pleased to announce that Lionel K. McPherson has accepted our invitation to become a contributor here at PEA Soup. Lionel is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. He is the author of several journal articles, which have appeared in journals such as Ethics, Journal of Philosophy, and Philosophy & Public Affairs. His research interests include race, normativity, war and terrorism, and the basis and extent of our obligations. 

9 Replies to “Welcome, Lionel K. McPherson!

  1. Welcome.
    Coincidentally, some PEA Soupers were at a colloquium at the Chicago APA where your (LKM’s) J Phil paper was discussed; indeed it was a named target.

  2. Thanks, all.
    I hope someone defended my paper’s honor in Chicago–at least from a devil’s advocate stance.

  3. LK,
    Indeed — David Enoch defended the anti-rationalist view from, uh, an anti-anti-rationalist, and did it ably.
    (But just in case he reads this: you’re wrong about everything else, David.)

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