Last weekend, several of us Soupers participated in a terrific conference in Boulder, CO, the first annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Conference.  For the voyeurs among you, Alastair Norcross and Eric Chwang have set up websites with many pictures from the event.  Alastair’s link is here, and Eric’s is here.  Thanks to all of the organizers from the University of Colorado for putting together what turned out to be a really fun, stimulating, and high altitude conference.  Looking forward to next year!

3 Replies to “Pictures of RoME

  1. I prefer the original, yellow-hued photos. Not only does it give me The Simpson’s look I’d always dreamed of, but, as I told Alastair, as in metaethics, realism ill suits me.

  2. Tallying up the responses to the aesthetic preference question, I had 6 prefer the warmer (yellower) shots, and 5 prefer the pinker, more realistic shots. One person didn’t express a preference as such, but said that the pinker shots were more realistic, but the people looked better in the other shots. As a compromise, I took the pinker shots, ran them through a slight warming filter in Photoshop, and replaced all the others with them.

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