Below the fold is the call for papers for this year’s Western Canadian Philosophical Association meetings. I thought it might be of some interest to the Soupers.

Call for Papers
Western Canadian Philosophical Association
2008 Annual Meeting
Hosted by the University of Alberta
October 24-26th 2008

Keynote Speaker
Stephen Darwall
Yale University

Papers on any philosophical topic are welcome. Electronic submissions only, .pdf is preferred. Please include in your submission the paper (maximum 4000 words), a short abstract (maximum 150 words), and your name, e-mail, and academic affiliation (if any).

We also welcome, and indeed encourage, proposals for panels and author-meets-critics sessions. All such proposals should include a theme and abstracts of proposed papers (abstracts for panel papers should be 750-1000 words). Please also include the email addresses and affiliations of potential participants. All participants must be committed to attending if the proposal is accepted. We will present a student essay prize for the best student paper presented at the meeting. If you are eligible for the prize, please mention this with your submission.

Please send submissions to by July 15, 2008. We will also be soliciting commentators, so we welcome self-nominations at the same address.