I thought I might direct people’s attention to Brian Weatherson’s blog, Thoughts, Arguments and Rants, where the journal Philosophy Compass is trying out a new experiment: discussion forums for their recently published articles. I’m pleased that they’ve chosen my survey paper on the moral realism debate as one of three articles for this experiment. They’ve made access to the article free for this purpose. So far it seems that the experiment isn’t meeting with much success.

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  1. Valerie Tiberius and I are editing the ethics part of Philosophy Compass. Compass publishes commissioned but refereed survey papers in all areas of philosophy. I am sorry to hear that so far the experiment on TAR is not meeting with immediate success. Hopefully, after a while when people know more about this, things will pick up.
    I would like to say that if people have ideas for accessible survey articles suitable for Compass I would welcome suggestions (in ethics). Obviously, however, I can only promise that suggestions will be taken seriously.

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