PEA Soup readers may be interested in this conference on Agency. 

Agency at the Intersection   

We are pleased to announce the 2007 Conference on Agency and Responsibility, to be held at Indiana University, Bloomington on September 13-15, 2007.

This conference will bring together philosophers from the diverse areas of ethics, metaphysics, and the cognitive sciences at their intersection point of human agency.  Invited speakers include Richard Holton (MIT), Jennifer Hornsby (Birkbeck College), Al Mele (Florida State U), Shaun Nichols (U Arizona), Adina Roskies (Dartmouth), Angela Smith (U Washington), and R. Jay Wallace (UC Berkeley).

A complete list of commentators and invited participants can be found at the conference web site.  Registration is $40.  Rooms are available at the Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel and Conference Center. Further information regarding registration and accommodations can be found online.

Join us for a three-day extended discussion on the beautiful wooded campus of Indiana University, home of outstanding departments of Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, and a large, world-class program in Cognitive Science.

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