We’re pleased to announce the addition of Jamie Dreier to the list of contributors. Jamie has, from the beginning, been an extremely valuable commentator here at PEA Soup. We’re very glad that he’s now decided to post as well—see below. Jamie is a Professor of Philosophy at Brown University. Welcome!

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  1. Welcome, Jamie! Welcome, anyway, to the above-the-fold part of PEA Soup. Okay, “welcome” just seems strange in this context, kinda like when Ichiro Suzuki won Rookie of the Year in 2001.

  2. Welcome indeed Jamie. With your arrival, I think PEA Soup is now officially first class.

  3. Yes, I am very glad to see Robert’s piss-taking faux-dig on Jamie. All this politeness was making me uncomfortable. Also, and this is radical, I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be fun to have a Pea-Soup basketball pool next year, open to all. If nothing else, it could improve the trash-talking around here.

  4. Welcome Jamie! David, I think that’s a great idea. Who’s going to win it this year then? As long as I’m where I am now, I trying to get myself to support Tar Heels. They do seem to have a good chance. Go, Tar Heels, Go! I hope that’s convincing enough…

  5. Welcome Jamie!
    And David, for what it’s worth – I’m currently running a pool that originated among the philosophy grad students at Brown back in the early ’90s.
    Appropriately enough, the pool rules came to include a Dreier proviso, such that ones bracket must include only logically possible states of affairs (given NCAA tournament rules) – so no picking Southern Illinois to lose in the first round, and also to win it all. I can’t remember if Jamie actually submitted such a bracket, or just threatened to do so.
    Anyway, next year I’d be happy to send out invites to PEA-Soupers. Or are we looking for a purely peasoupish experience?

  6. If the Brownies have some extra money they are willing to give me next year, by all means let’s get it on.

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