As reported by Leiter HERE , our fellow Pea-Souper David Sobel has accepted an offer from University from Nebraska, Lincoln to become a ‘Chambers Professor of Philosophy’ there. This is great news and we should all congratulate him!

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  1. While congratulations are certainly in order for Professor Sobel (and his wife, Janice Dowell, who will also join the philosophy dept. at Nebraska), I doubt that those of us who remain at Bowling Green would think of it as “good news” for us. At any rate, we really wish them well.

  2. Thanks folks! Fun can be had by googling Robert Chambers, the name on the chair I am taking. As it turns out, it is not THAT Robert Chambers, at least so I am told.

  3. A coup for Nebraska indeed. You’ve just made an already excellent department even better.

  4. David, congratulations to you and Janice! That is really wonderful news, despite what Dave Shoemaker says.

  5. Well, of course I’m very happy (as is my entire department)!
    Dave and Janice are leaving behind a number of good friends and colleagues of whom they think highly and I’m hoping that we can live up the their high standards.

  6. We will be sad to say goodbye to our friends in BG, but we are also really looking forward to being in Lincoln. It looks to be a very well-run, nice, and philosophically exciting dept. Not to mention quite an attractive town.

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