Just something to pass along: I conducted several tests of PEA Soup’s URL at a most interesting site, Great Firewall of China.  The site determines if a URL is available to Chinese web users, and I found in all but one of my tests, PEA Soup was not available to Chinese net users.  It’s possible that this is due to a technical issue, but it’s also possible that it’s due to censorship. (Just for kicks, I tried the APA’s web site (not blocked), my personal web site (blocked!), and some other prominent philosophy blogs (Thoughts, Arguments, and Rants is blocked, Leiter Reports is not blocked, and Certain Doubts isn’t.)) I take a perverse pride in the possibility that serious discussion of ethical questions may alarm the Chinese government!

6 Replies to “Can PEA Soup be poured over the Great Wall?

  1. IF PEA Soup is blocked and Leiter Reports is not, then it can’t be that it is blogging domains that are blocked rather than particular sites. After all, both PS and LR are run via Typepad. Although I have to admit that it is surprising that LR is not on the banned list given how much autoritarianism is criticized by Leiter and other contributors.

  2. True, I checked few sites after I posted that comment (something I should’ve done before), and seems that the whole domains are not banned.
    I just assumed before that they were, as I know my blog is banned, and I heard somewhere that it is because the wordpress.com domain was banned.

  3. Greetings from Beijing, where I’m reading Pea Soup with no problems. Sometimes different blog domains have been blocked, but I can say confidently “not yours, not now.”

  4. I’m reading PEA Soup from Lhasa with no problem. I’ve been here for about two years and I’ve found that it is certain domains that disappear and reappear for no apparent reason (eg. blogspot.com and blogspirit.com have come and gone a few times but are currently available).

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