I’m very pleased to announce that Eric Wiland has agreed to become a PEA Soup contributor.  Eric, who has regularly commented on posts here before, is Associate Professor at University of Missouri–St. Louis.  Welcome aboard, Eric!  We look forward to your posts.

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  1. Hey, thanks for having me. This is a great blog, and I know I’ll get a lot from it, and I hope to give something back too.
    I am especially enjoying all the recent posts and commments about esoteric theories and decision procedures. I have many muddled thoughts about those topics, so I am looking forward to refining them in light of the collective wisdom here.
    I have been relcutant to participate in an endeavor like this, because all too frequently when I write something electronically, I regret it the next day. So please excuse me if you find me correcting myself post hoc. I usually blame the whiskey.
    I might as well put my cards on the table, and announce that as far as moral philosophy goes, I have some (unoriginal) idiosyncracies. Here are three:
    1) I think that the word “good” is always attributive.
    2) I don’t know what the adjective ‘moral’ and the adverb ‘morally’ mean most of the time philosophers use those words.
    [Put 1 and 2 together and you’ll see that I just go batty when people talk about “what’s morally good”.]
    3) While I think I know what a good human action is, I have no idea how to make sense of the thought that some action-option is ‘right’ or the one you all-things-considered ought to do. I do HAVE those thoughts, but I can’t find a good account of them. I worry that I, like most others, am just confused when I try to express them.
    So I’ve got some handicaps. I’ll try not to let them muddy up other discussions too much.
    Go Cards!

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