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David Enoch

Shmagency: Why Normativity Won’t Come from What Is Constitutive of Action

Philosophical Review 2006; 115(2):
169-198; DOI:10.1215/00318108-2005-014 [PDF]



of Ethics & Social Philosophy

“Strict Liability and the Mitigation of Moral Luck,”

by Greg Keating

The general problem of
moral luck—that responsibility is profoundly affected by factors beyond the
control of the person held responsible—is often…

August, 2006



Jennifer Lynn
, Asymmetries in Folk Judgments of Responsibility and Intentional


Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2006-08-23 : View this Review
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Catriona McKinnon, Toleration: A Critical Introduction,
Routledge, 2006, 218pp., $31.95 (pbk), ISBN 0415322901.

Reviewed by Duncan Ivison

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2006-08-22 : View this Review
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Ingmar Persson, The Retreat of Reason: A Dilemma in the Philosophy
of Life
, Oxford University Press, 2005, 494pp., $99.00 (hbk), ISBN

Reviewed by Jonas Olson


Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

2006-08-21 : View this Review
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Simona Giordano, Understanding Eating Disorders: Conceptual and
Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa
Oxford University Press, 2005, 297pp., $85.00 (hbk), ISBN 0199269742.

Reviewed by Lisa Heldke



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Ethics, Volume 116 (July 2006), Number
4. This issue contains:


of Abortion and Prenatal Injury
by Jeff McMahan
Full Text       PDF (106 kB)       PostScript    


Reversal Test: Eliminating Status Quo Bias in Applied Ethics
by Nick Bostrom and Toby Ord
Full Text       PDF (121 kB)       PostScript    


Consequentialism Make Too Many Demands, or None at All?
by Paul E. Hurley
Full Text       PDF (121 kB)       PostScript    


Generalism: Enjoy in Moderation
by Pekka Väyrynen
Full Text       PDF (161 kB)       PostScript    


Ethical Deflationism
by Jacob Ross
Full Text       PDF (134 kB)       PostScript     


Book Reviews 769    Anne L.
Alstott, No Exit: What Parents Owe Their Children and What Society Owes

Reviewed by Axel P. Gosseries
Full Text       PDF (38 kB)       PostScript    773    Seyla Benhabib, The Rights of
Others: Aliens, Residents, and Citizens

Reviewed by Eric MacGilvray
Full Text       PDF (36 kB)       PostScript    776    Ken Binmore, Natural Justice
Reviewed by Gerry Mackie
Full Text       PDF (40 kB)       PostScript    781    David Boonin, A Defense of Abortion
Reviewed by Ann E. Cudd
Full Text       PDF (37 kB)       PostScript    785    Joshua Gert, Brute Rationality
Reviewed by Terence Cuneo
Full Text       PDF (36 kB)       PostScript    789    R. Kevin Hill, Nietzsche’s
Critiques: The Kantian Foundations of His Thought

Reviewed by Ariela Tubert
Full Text       PDF (34 kB)       PostScript    792    George Klosko, Political Obligations
Reviewed by Govert den Hartogh
Full Text       PDF (38 kB)       PostScript    796    Eric MacGilvray, Reconstructing
Public Reason

Reviewed by J. Donald Moon
Full Text       PDF (34 kB)       PostScript    800    Shaun Nichols, Sentimental Rules:
On the Natural Foundations of Moral Judgment

Reviewed by Gopal Sreenivasan
Full Text       PDF (43 kB)       PostScript    805    Joseph Raz, The Practice of Value
Reviewed by William J. FitzPatrick
Full Text       PDF (39 kB)       PostScript    809    L. W. Sumner, The Hateful and the

Reviewed by Larry Alexander
Full Text       PDF (40 kB)       PostScript    813    Lucas Swaine, The Liberal
Conscience: Politics and Principle in a World of Religious Pluralism

Reviewed by Christopher J. Eberle
Full Text       PDF (46 kB)       PostScript    820    Notes on Contributors
Full Text       PDF (20 kB)       PostScript    825    Index to Volume 116
PDF (48 kB)       PostScript




Volume 9
Number 3/September 2006 of Philosophical
is now available on the web site at This issue contains:


Vahid, Conceivability and possibility: Chalmers on modal epistemology


Whiting, Standing up for an affective account of emotion


Boniolo and Gabriele De Anna, The four faces of omission: Ontology, terminology,
epistemology, and ethics


Henden, The role of all things considered judgements in practical


Jack M.
C. Kwong, Why concepts can’t be theories




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Egalitarianism: An Interpretation and Defense</a>. forthcoming in
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