Since we started our virtual reading group on Parfit’s Climbing the Mountain, Parfit has sent us a new revised version of his manuscript. Since this new version contains some important revisions and additions, we feel compelled to switch to the new version midstream. I’ve now posted the new version in both PDF and DOC formats. If you’re participating in this reading group, please read Chapter Four (entitled “Possible Consent”) of the new manuscript for next Thursday. Note that, in the new manuscript, this week’s reading (Chapter 2) was divided into two chapters, which is what explains why we’ll be moving from the old Chapter 2 to the new Chapter 4.

We realize this switch is a pain for those of you (including us) who’ve already printed out the entire manuscript, and we apologize for this, but this is what seems best to us. Also, let me suggest that from here on out, each of us only prints out one chapter at a time just in case we might receive from Parfit further editions with significant revisions to subsequent chapters.

Also, Parfit wants people to know that this is not the most recent draft (he is revising on a daily basis) and that he would be grateful for any comments, however small, to be sent to him at