11 Replies to “Welcome Michael Huemer, Newest PEA Brain

  1. Michael also welcomes Michael. (First two Davids, now this!) Michael, since your book was so lavishly recommended here before, any chance you could make available to those of you in the academic hinterlands a typescript or portions thereof?

  2. Welcome my Boulder brother! We’re a little closer to The Forms here at 5,500 feet, and, obviously, Mike’s had some practice intuiting them from such great heights. I think the blog will profit.

  3. I have entered this post office quite by accident and offer some thoughts on the ethics of eating meat. I have myself attempted vegetarianism for about three months and found no feelings of deprivation, rather a kind of pride at maintaining the principle and acting upon it. I then began to experience pains in the limb muscles and quit with many misgivings. Has anyone ever gone this route and if so what are your feelings regarding this ?

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