I just wanted to alert people to two forthcoming  ethics conferences that feature some excellent topics and speakers. 

The first is a conference on Moral Psychology at the University of Texas (details here).  Speakers include Michael Stocker, Stephen Darwall, Julia Annas, the Jacobs0n/D’Arms tag team, Philip Ivanhoe, Gary Watson, Marcia Baron, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong.  (Yes yes, I know it begins tomorrow, but really, who’s not up for a road trip to Austin?)

The second is a conference at the University of Cincinnati promising  a knockdown, dragout ‘Virtue Ethics vs. Kantian Ethics’ showdown.  That one’s April 1-3 (details), with presenters including  Marcia Baron, Paul Guyer, Tom Hill, Rosalind Hursthouse, Richard Kraut, Anslem Mueller, Nancy Sherman, and Michael Slote.

Happy traveling!

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