The program for the First Annual Metaethics Workshop, which will be held October 15th-17th at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has been posted here. Russ Shafer-Landau and the other organizers have selected from over 100 submissions to put together what promises to be a terrific program. In addition to Michael Smith and Peter Railton, the two keynote speakers, the program includes work by Mark van Roojen, Justin D’Arms and Daniel Jacobson, Henry Richardson, Jamie Dreier, Alan Gibbard, Ralph Wedgwood, Ruth Chang, Nadeem Hussain and Nishi Shah, Pekka Vayrynen, Mark Timmons and Terence Horgan, and Sergio Tenenbaum. I’m really looking forward to reading these papers.

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  1. The program page now includes links to the papers.
    The keynote papers won’t be available in advance, and one other (D’Arms and Jacobson) won’t be ready for a while, and for some reason a couple of the links are dead. But you can now get most of the papers.

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