PEA Syllabi

As a gathering place for some of philosophy’s finest academics, PEA Soup is proud to compile ethics-related syllabi from around the world. Click on any of the links below to download the relevant course’s syllabus. Please visit our Submissions page if you would like to submit your own syllabus.

Contemporary Moral Problems

PHI 607: The Emotions
Mark Alfano, University of Oregon

WM1028AM: Ethics for Applied Mathematics
Mark Alfano, Delft University of Technology

PHI 200: A-Bombs, Clones, & AIs, Oh My!
Jennifer Kling, Siena Heights University

Ethics – General

PHIL 6931: Personal Identity and Ethics
David Shoemaker, Tulane University

Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 205: Ethics
Katia Vavova, Mount Holyoke College

PHI 102: Ethics
Mark Alfano, University of Oregon

Philosophy 1030-02: Ethics
David Shoemaker, Tulane University

NR 3320: Introduction to Environmental Ethics
Jim Tantillo, Cornell University

Ethics: Honors Class
Christian Perring, St. John’s University

Normative Ethics/Ethical Theory

Philosophy 3580-01: Ethical Theory
David Shoemaker, Tulane University

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Law
Chelsea Rosenthal, New York University

Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 2217: Social and Political Philosophy
Suzy Killmister, University of Connecticut

PHIL 3074 Disobedience, Dissent, Resistance, and Rebellion
Ten-Herng Lai, Australian National University

Medical Ethics

PHL 333: Biomedical Ethics
Anne Jeffrey, University of South Alabama

Environmental Ethics

NR 4330: Applied Environmental Philosophy
Jim Tantillo, Cornell University