Instructions for Contributors

The following instructions are for contributors only.  Contributors are being added intermittently at the invitation of the editors.  As it currently stands, we encourage contributors to post something at least once a year, and this is especially encouraged during their “Special Months.”  If first name begins with A or B, that month is January.

C or D: February
E or F: March
G or H: April
I or J: May
K or L: June
M or N: July
O or P: August
Q or R: September
S: October
T or U: November
V, W, X, Y, or Z: December

Before posting:

  • Please submit a post whenever you feel moved to post something. You no longer need to check to see if there is a substantive post that’s less than 24 hours old or older but still generating heavy discussion. Your post will be held for review, and the managing editors will hold off on publishing if the post would obscure another substantive post.
  • Please only post one or two introductory paragraphs on the “main page” and save the rest of your content for your post’s dedicated page.  See #6 below for instructions on how to “Split Extended Entry.”
  • Please click “Preview” before clicking “Save” (“Save” publishes your post to the blog).  When previewing your post, please make sure that all formatting, including font size, is consistent with the other posts on the blog.  For the easiest way to ensure consistent formatting, please see #5 below.  You may also want to “schedule” your post for a later date (e.g., to avoid posting on top of someone else), and this option is available from the pull-down menu reading “Status: publish.”
  • We are interested in your new work, so plugs for your previous work are strongly discouraged.

Creating a post:

  1. Login at the TypePad login page.
  2. Click the relevant button to Begin/Compose a new post.
  3. Enter a title for your post in the Title field.
  4. Assign multiple categories from the “Categories” menu.  Select “Posts by [your name]” and at least one informative category (e.g., metaethics).
  5. If you compose your post using a word processor and plan to copy-n-paste it into TypePad, please don’t add formatting until you get to TypePad.  Before copying-n-pasting into TypePad, please paste your post into Windows Notepad or its Mac equivalent.  (Pasting into Notepad or its Mac’s equivalent helpfully strips your post of any hidden or existing formatting.)  Then copy-n-paste from Notepad into TypePad’s “Post Body” field, and use TypePad’s two rows of formatting icons to add any desired formatting.
  6. Unless your post is just a brief paragraph, please “Split” your extended entry into two parts.
  • In the Post Body box, place your cursor EXACTLY BETWEEN the two paragraphs at which you want the post to split.
  • You’ll see two rows of icons.  Just to the left of the “Check Spelling Icon” on the second row of icons, there’s a “Split Extended Entry” icon. It looks like a piece of paper with a line running through the middle. Click that icon. A line labeled “Extended Entry” will appear at the point of your cursor, the paragraphs above the cursor will appear on the main page, and the paragraphs below the cursor will appear on your post’s dedicated page.
  1. Please click on “Preview” to preview your post before publishing it to the blog. Please do this and look for formatting errors and for broken links.
  2. After previewing, click “Save” to publish the post to the blog.

After Posting:

  • If your post focuses on the work of some living philosopher, then we encourage you to email that philosopher to let him or her know about it, including in your email a link to your post. We encourage you to do this even if it seems unlikely to you that he or she will want to respond to your post. You might be surprised at who is willing to discuss their work on our blog. Besides even if they don’t have the time or inclination to participate in the discussion, they may want to at least know about it.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the editors: Dave Sobel, Dave Shoemaker, Hille Paakkunainen, Kate Manne, Jussi Suikkanen, Dale Dorsey, Zosia Stemplowska, or Avia Pasternak.